V-MINI Motor Wheel 36V (26 ") Black RB (on Sale, No warranty)

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The V-MINI is the ideal hub motor for long distance cyclist with roller brakes on his / her bike. Due to its lightweight design and freewheel mechanism feels the lightweight hub motor and thus achieves a higher range on one battery charge. Particularly suitable for lighter bikes. This motor is Spoked comes in a rim and is inter alia suitable for bicycles with roller brakes. Note: Supplied without rollerbrake. You can transfer from the old to the new wheel wheel. (This product will be discontinued. This product is therefor on sale and sold without warranty.) specifications: Motor Type: V-MINI, Indirect Drive - Brushless Rim size: 26 inch front wheel Specialties: Feathery + freewheel mechanism Recessed width 95-100 mm Max. Voltage: 42 V Min. Voltage: 20 V Nom. Power: 225 W Torque: 20 Nm Max. Speed: 190 rpm Max. Speed 25 km / h hub motor weight: 2.45 kg hub motor diameter: 80 mm Yield: + 85%
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