The overall development of the electric bike

The electric bike is growing since its appearance on the Dutch market tremendously in popularity in 1998. More and more people are discovering the benefits of this environmentally friendly bike with pedal assistance. In 2006, 45,000 units were sold and more than 200,000 units in 2007. Thanks to an electrical system power gets added to the cyclist on the pedals, allowing the cyclist to move easier. This makes it possible to bridge a greater distance without having to make an extra effort.  A hub motor of an electric bike can reach a maximum speed 25 km/hr.

The Dutch BOVAG (trade association for mobility) encourages the use of the electric bike because it is an ideal solution in the fight against harmful emissions from transport. Moreover, it may be a way to solve the problem of traffic jams. People who go to work by bike, find it acceptable to cycle 7 kilometers (one way). With the electric bike, where the average speed is higher and the effort remains the same, the commuting distance can be at least doubled and may encourage more people to leave the car. Additionally BOVAG favor of the electric bike because it encourages older people to stay longer cycling which has a positive effect on public health. (Source: BOVAG)

Electric Cargobike cartoon Electrify your own bike in just 3 steps with a conversion kit!

More and more people are discovering the benefits of electric power assist. Thanks to an electrical system less force of the cyclist is needed on the pedals, so you always ride the wind from that time. This makes it possible to bridge a greater distance (with speeds up to 25 km/hr) without having to make extra effort.

The bike with pedal assistance has already gained fame, but now you can see the motor including accessories, also conversion kit called buy separately so that it is placed on your own bike and gives you a new character your own bike.

The conversion can easily through one of our dealers or yourself are mounted . Look at our temporary installation discount .

For more information about the product, please read our products page .


V-bike delivers high quality products with good references and we will offer every customer a suitable solution with optional customized software and / or hardware by bicycle from stock immediately available. Product development is our top priority, and you can count on a personal approach with great attention to our customers. In addition, we work with multiple sales and installation points so you products of V-bike you can look around, try and make install (if desired).

A conversion kit for V-bike you retain your own identity. Your own electric bike conversion is contemporary, saves money, creates convenience and is innovative.

  1. Recreational use: A few years ago, you purchased one or two new beautiful bike (s), but your husband or wife likes to bicycle electric now. We offer a solution for one of the two bikes to be built so that it again creates a nice balance for longer distances carelessly with or without being able to cycle headwinds. These two bikes remain visually and qualitatively similar to each other after the conversion.
  2. Commuter use: People who go to work by bike, cycling on average 7 kilometers (one way). With an electric bike, where the average speed is higher and the effort remains the same, the commuting distance can be at least doubled and may encourage more people to leave the car. & Nbsp;
  3. Luxury use: You like to bicycle in ideal(weather) conditions, but not when this is not the case. Because of the extra effort which will not feel comfortable. In this case there is a choice. Power up the motor so you can take it easy when you feel like it.
  4. Compulsory use: You can't use your bicycle independently without the added power of a motor.

The pros and cons of a conversion kit on your bike:


  • Finally, a good argument to leave the car. Now you can commute with an electric bike from A to B, without traffic jams, even if you do not feel like cycling.
  • It's almost NOT visible you have an ebike!
  • each model bike is suitable power to make.
  • Greater distances are achievable again, while also what your condition.
  • Silent motor, charging you do your own socket (0.18 cents each).
  • The conversion is relatively easy (to) place and is easy to put on when you buy a new bike.
  • If the conversion is performed correctly there is not to distinguish between a standard electric bike and your bike converted.
  • You are free to create your own conversion kit because all the parts to your taste may be linked.
  • Less expensive to buy than an electric bike because you use your own bike and you need to sell your own bike is not at a low exchange rate.
  • Very environmentally and climate friendly to people who normally use a car, motorcycle or scooter.
  • There is no mandatory liability insurance or helmet required.


  • It is wise to place yourself a conversion kit on your bike but trained by a V-cycle and to carry out professional installation drive. This assures a proper installation where everything is nice and neat assembled to ensure a long life. If you perform the conversion by V-bike you have 2 years warranty on parts and installation.
  • A conversion kit is just like a "normal" electric bicycle, often a costly and gevanceerde removable battery which must be maintained by you to ensure a long life. so that means regular charging (especially in winter) (minimum 1x per 4-8 weeks). Incidentally, this is standard when using an electric bike.

All questions and answers about electric bikes:

1. An electric bicycle is still only for the elderly?
No it seems so and this is, inter alia, through the still, dowdy models that put a lot of "modern" manufacturers in the market. Many younger people cycle nowadays hip and electric, for what is better than a choice to have on your bike if you have one day less headwind or feel like cycling. The current motors and batteries that V-bike used are so small and quiet that the converted cycle is almost indistinguishable from a regular bike. So if you're wondering why you are overtaken by many young people on a seemingly regular bike then things have changed anything.

2. If I cycle hard and the motor completely full on, I do not go faster than 25 km per hour?
Yes, you can do faster than 25 km/hr bike but the motor will but to the legal maximum 25 km / h help. Above 25 km/hr, you feel no longer contribute to the motor but you are also not opposed by the motor. In practice, the bike will be able to pick up to 28 km/hr because of the speedometer variation / deviation of all bike brands.

3. I read something about taking out additional insurance, it?
true No, this is not necessary. Until January 1, 2007 was mandatory liability insurance for electric bikes. Only in the current Speedpedelecs a maximum speed 45 km/hr can bring stricter rules.

4. What is the cost of a conversion?
The most inexpensive conversion kit, One Size Fits All set (317Wh) from sale about 770 euros. This kit has a compact but affordable 36 volts, 317Wh Li-ION battery . With a regular bike, you hereby an average range between 40 and 60 kilometers.

The price depends largely on the type of battery and motor used.
On average, the price around 850 euros for a large capacity battery and the motor completely Spoked hand in a wheel.

5. Can I install the conversion kit yourself on my bike?
The conversion kit comes with comprehensive and installation instructions with lots of pictures. However, experience has shown that it is not always easy for everyone. You must have an above average level of technical knowledge of bicycles and electrical components to convert your bike properly and neatly. We therefore advise you to place the conversion by a V-bike dealer or built-in drive (check here for more information on our website).

6. For example, what if my bike has become too old or I want to sell him, I can then set the place on another bike?
The conversion can always be dismantled and fitted on your new bike, provided the other bike has the same type of wheels, brakes and gears. & nbsp; Some people choose also to put the motor in the autumn and winter on the bike and ride without motor in the spring and summer. Another option is to buy a single battery but to provide your two bikes with an motor. So you can choose what bike you ride that day and saves costs.

7. How many kilometers can I ride around on one battery?
It depends on the battery and motor type you choose and the type of bike you have. A tandem or tricycle for example, has always a lower range than, say, a sports bike because of the much lower weight and type of use. And in addition, other factors also play a role, such as your height, weight, & nbsp; -sportiviteit or very hilly terrain cycling etc etc. But to give an indication; the smallest 36V9Ah (317Wh) battery can be approximately 30-60 km cycling at the very strong V-HT motor and between 40-60 km at the sporty yet powerful V-PRO MINI motor . Our greatest Li ion battery 36V (522Wh) you can use a regular bike between. & nbsp; 90 - get 175

8. How long will it take before the battery is fully charged
This also depends on the type of battery, but an indication?; a 36-volt battery has about 3 - need six hours to recharge fully.

9. What does it cost to recharge my battery?
This is very low. Depending on the type of battery about 18 cents each time.

10. Do I have an orange plate ahead to mount my bike?
No, it's just a Spartamet or moped. The electric bike is exempt from here as well as exemption from compulsory liability insurance. & Nbsp; The new speedpedelecs higher speed exceeding 25 km / h will get well soon and blue or yellow plaque shall bear on the bike.

11. In what ways can I order the conversion?
You can buy the conversion kit in two ways. Of course through our website . < br /> The shipping costs are 15 euros in the Netherlands and 30 euros for Belgium & euml.

You can also directly contact V-cycle or & eacute; & eacute; n of our V-bike dealers. Look here for more information.

12. I have special needs for my bike about lower speed, for example, can easily move with much force, it can?
Yes, V-cycle to almost any desired setting Setting software a bicycle so that for example extra power when pulling away or more positions at lower speed is made possible.

13. I see different conversion kits on the website. How do I know which set I can put on my bike?
On the home page there is a button with " Bicycle Selector " here you can choose your type of bike. Then indicates which kit is best suited for your bike. The following questions will be answered:

  • How many inches are your wheels (it's on the tape of your wheel for example. ETRO size = XX-XX-557 or 622)?
  • Does your bicycle with a coaster brake or hand brake and then what type, roller brake, V-brake, hydraulic rim brakes etc.
  • Does your bicycle gears, and if so what for accelerations (hub or derailleur gear).

O.b.o. these questions determines whether the kit is installed on your front wheel or rear wheel. When in doubt, you can always send an email to so you are definitely the right choice for your bike.

14. Is there a model bike that is not suitable for the conversion?
No, on almost any two- and three-wheel bike conversion kit can be placed. It can make some bicycles well be that a small adjustment is needed to kick yourself.

15. Does the electric motor noise?
No, make our electric motors no audible sound. Only the powerful PRO motor makes something sound when accelerating in the highest position. The advantage of this motor is that the freewheel very light goes off when the motor.

16. I'm afraid everyone will see that I have an electric bike. Does the conversion kit on?
No, the motor is in the wheel and the battery we put in a plastic housing, small bag or luggage. The bag can for example put in a basket, under your seat or in a saddlebag.

17. Can I use my battery safely sit on my bike?
Yes, you can. We include multiple batteries in a < / a> where a lock. Another option is to remove the battery from the bike and take a specially designed for the battery (black) bag.

18. At what age you can actually ride an electric bike?
There is no minimum age set by law. It may be that a young child is greatly helped by 10 years by the extra power of a small motor on a small child's bicycle.

19. Is there actually guarantee the conversion of V-bike?
In all parts of V-bike you have 24 months warranty when you purchased it after January 1, 2015. & Nbsp; All parts which were purchased before this date have a standard 12 month warranty. All parts of V-bike can be repaired professionally by our own maintenance and support department. See our Support Tool & nbsp; for an efficient and personal support

20. How long does the battery's useful life?
All Li-ION batteries can be recharged about 500 times under normal conditions. If you ride an average of 40 kilometers, you can theoretically 500 x 40 = 20,000 km with a battery cycle. Some manufacturers have standing in the folder that they can be loaded 800x or more. Often this is the influence of the marketing department who are keen on paper wants to show a better battery. In practice, each Li-ION battery already shown loading at 200x a slight reduction. You often see charging at 500x the cyclist burden is getting lower range. It is not that after 500x battery charging in there agree on hold. Only the radius of the bicycle is often too low for the driver making it verangen should be.

21. What quality do you use cells for the batteries?
We use only the highest quality cells in our batteries. We use only Samsung and Panasonic cells that can deliver minmaal 2C or 3C nominal and have a long life. Li-Ion batteries that we sold, we sometimes pass by in 2007 or 2008 in our support for a maintenance . After reviewing plugs and sockets, the battery then back again to make even more mileage.

22. Why do not you sell LiFePO4 batteries? That is the ultimate battery and can be more than 1500x charged?
Unfortunately, there on the internet many false stories about this type LiFePO4 batteries. We have been at the forefront of using LiFePO4 on bicycles (see eg this early testing on our V-bike channel Youtube ). One of the great misconceptions of LiFePO4 battery cells is that they are even more compact than the standard Li-Ion cells. Unfortunately this is not true. The energy density of LiFePO4 is much lower than the usual Li-Ion cell. The result of this is that there are many more cells are needed to achieve the same capacity of the battery. In practice this means that a LiFePO4 battery has the cylindrical cells require nearly double the number of cells than the Li-ION battery. The major disadvantage that it creates is that the battery is doubled in weight and size. V bike has between 2009 and 2012, LiFePO4 batteries and chargers sold. However, what turned out that the battery cells may be able to load 1500x, but often cycle through the heavy weight fell over and the battery housing to be more than once repaired. See here include behind cap often piece was drawn by the excessive weight of the batteries. V-bike finds unsuitable for this reason the LiFePO4 batteries for use in the cycle.

23. Can I use my electric bike (own bike conversion kit +) also with insurance? 
Yes, you can get insurance with or If you buy a new bike and you install a conversion kit than you insure the bike plus accessories (which is the conversion). 

24. Can I take my Lithium-ION battery with me when I travel with an airplane? 
No you can't. Since the aviation rules have increased in 2016 you can only take a Lithium-ION battery with you when the maximum capacity is not higher than 100-160Wh. Most of all ebike batteries have 300Wh or higher capacity batteries. When you are planning to travel with your bicycle or bicycle batteries please contact your travel agent for more information. When you are transporting Lithium ION batteries please take good care of your batteries and discharge the batteries to 30% capacity (only 1 LED on display). For more information please contact us.

25. Can I use my electric bike (own bike conversion kit +) also with insurance?
Yes, you can get insurance with or If you buy a new bike and you install a conversion kit than you insure the bike plus accessories (which is the conversion).

26. I'm very athletic and really see cycling as a calorieverbrander and to keep my workout. Is it interesting for me to make my electric bike
This sounds strange to you but is certainly interesting: First, an electric bike always requires a major or minor physical exertion, which would contribute to to keep in shape. In addition, you should see it so that with the same effort (as you expect) twice cycle such a long distance. In short range to cycle increases. On average, a Dutchman takes away from an average of 7 kilometers one way and re euml, el, with a V-bike is this double. Furthermore, the chances are that you do not always have as much sense to exercise maximum. The extra push of the motor is pushed you into a higher gear and this additional incentive to more of your performance. The same effect is for instance also causes when you hear upbeat and loud music from the speakers during a "Spinning lesson."

27. My bike has hub gears, can I installed a conversion kit on my bike?
Yes, you can. The often small motor is then placed in the front so you can continue taking your gear.