V-fiets Crystalyte V-HT Hub Motor


The electric bike motor in one of its many manifestations. The 'motor hub', a hub motor, which is spoked in the wheel of a bicycle. Available in a front, rear and sub-frame version. You can choose a small and light motor or a heavy motor which is prepared for its tasks. V-bike can even post upgrade the motor or downgrade if desired, with a few simple changes to the hardware and software control of the bike.

Choosing a motor for your bike is also something personal. Each motor has its own characteristics. Often a heavy motor is chosen for heavy use. The risk of failure or overload will be minimized and the driver gets maximum efficiency, translating into a higher range and maximum lifespan of the motor.

Maximizing pleasure

Silky smooth motor characteristics. Light aluminum
materials combined with powerful magnets.

Maximizing power

High performance within safe speeds. With 250 watts of
power and support limited to a safe 25km/hr.

Hub Motors