E-bike Applications
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Most electric bikes are used for recreation. And that is not without a reason. We believe that cycling is fun. But cycling is much more enjoyable if the bicycle is equipped with luxurious options. Our customers are recreating for leisure and entertainment, and now the options is here, with nice extra power when you want it. An example of what we often hear about. You want to go somewhere without worries and have a nice time while you ar there. But at the end of the day when you are somewhat tired, you just want a fresh and relaxed drive back home. Even if it appears that the entire way back you are having a major headwind.

V-bike has ebikekits of this type, especially drives that are quiet, compact and lightweight. On top of this we can achieve a very high range of more than 100 kilometers, if desired.
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A tricky combination, it seems. Electrically assisted to only max. 25km/h. Athletes often cycle much faster than that. Yet there is a growing group of athletes who recognizes the usefulness of the hybrid electric drive.

Higher average speeds, particularly light and rigid frames, and the use of high pressure tires with low rolling resistance. From a technical point of view the extra motor power is easy to combine with the mechanical properties of the sports bicycles. Where traditional bikes often use relatively large batteries in a carrier, the sport bikes use compact, lightweight and unobtrusive power packs. The motors have low freewheeling resistance, sometimes lower than the average ordinary hub and give the bike only about 1.5kg weight gain. That means the whole drive including power pack is a total increase of about 4kg. Finally, the ideal cadence can be adjusted by applying a V-Core chip. A ideal cadence of 80 revolutions per minute and not having the motor support being too much on the foreground or background. Sporty cycling when commuting is populair and therefor the need of a motor is strongly growing.

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No longer being able to cycle from or to your home without help. Or someone needs to pick you up and take you to places. This is a freedom that is not suitable for everyone. A limitation in your abilities, which as a result can limit your social environment.

Increasing your (social) environment is an important aspect for us. We pay close attention to the fine-tuning of our parts so that you can have an electric drive on your bike you can rely on. With convenience of home with a support that listens to your needs. Powerful where it should be strong and smooth and easy at other times. There are no limitations in the capabilities of the electric drive, almost anything is possible.

An appropriate example is a child's bicycle with an electric support. With children, there is so much growth in their bodies that can change the physical properties of the children quickly. The electric bicycle can then also physically grow in power and speed so not every year the bike has to be renewed.
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Besides the different techniques that we use in our electric drives, we try as much as possible, to visually disappear the electric drive into the bike. This can be carried out at a detailed level, when it comes to the various cables assembly in a invisible way. But it can also be at the bike level. Where the bike is a work of art in itself, with the option; electric drive. Where in the automotive world the visual appearance is at the proper level, this is much less visible in the bicycle industry.

Wheel geometry, ratios of surfaces and overall appearance of the bike vs. ease of use and reliability of the components. We find that this is an aspect that needs the right balance at every bike when expressive plays a major role.
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The first bike that was converted by us with an electric drive was a cargobike in 2007. A relatively heavy motor for a heavy bike. That was the beginning of the massive and heavy bicycles. The small motors were still too weak for heavy duty applications where only the larger powerful motor were used. After years of development, we can now provide the right electric drive even for bicycles over 600kg.

Yet within the massive and heavy bikes there are many different possibilities. Coffee bars and mobile ice cream vending, family and child transport are common applications. Within the children's transport, there is also a division between light and heavy transport, where there are different requirements for the drive.

Using proprietary hardware and software control of our components, we can among others choose different types of motors. Even when it appears that the control software can not be further adjusted to the expectations of the user, there is the option, for example, to upgrade the motor. The new and bigger motor can be integrated into the existing system and can be calibrated to the existing software.
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Born from the passion and developed with expertise: V-bike electric drives.

Our drives are not just motors and batteries. The components are carefully developed and tested for their extreme mechanical and electrical properties to remain reliable at higher loads.

In our laboratory, we test the different components up to a maximum of what is physically possible. As a result, the V-bike prototypes, fully equipped with eccentric and superlative qualities. The first prototype we used for endurance tests in 2006. A top speed of 54km/hr and a maximum battery output of 1,1kW. With a cruising speed of 42km/hr we had traveled more than 2500 kilometers before we disassembled all the parts apart and check for wear. This prototype has been immortalized in 2007 in our V-bike logo; "Black Widow".

We also work with prototypes such as the three-wheeled cargobike (F1 version). While driving we can between front-wheel, rear-wheel drive or "all wheel drive". This is handy for riding on the beach. With this we reached a maximum motor torque (65Nm+20Nm+20Nm) 105Nm.

In 2013 we started the development of the Granny-GT. A calculated achievable top speed of 93,8km/hr, taking into account the driving resistance. In 2014, the first mechanical tests have been completed for use on an indoor racetrack.

Still, after all developments we believe in a strong contrast. In addition to years of testing our components into the superlative. Since the creation of V-bike in 2007, all our products are limited to a maximum rated output of 250watt and a maximum, safe and supported speed of 25km/hr.

Maximize comfort

Silky smooth motor characteristics. light aluminum
materials combined with powerful magnets.

Maximize power

High performance within safe speeds. With 250 watts of
power and limited motor support to 25km/hr.

E-bike Applications