V-MINI Motor Wheel 36V (26 ") Black RB (on Sale, No warranty)


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FROM €303.90

NOW €178.00

V-fiets-V-MINI Motor Wheel 36V (26 ") Black RB (on Sale, No warranty)-31

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The V-MINI is the ideal hub motor for long distance cyclist with roller brakes on his / her bike. Due to its lightweight design and freewheel mechanism feels the lightweight hub motor and thus achieves a higher range on one battery charge.

Particularly suitable for lighter bikes.

This motor is Spoked comes in a rim and is inter alia suitable for bicycles with roller brakes.

Note: Supplied without rollerbrake. You can transfer from the old to the new wheel wheel.

(This product will be discontinued. This product is therefor on sale and sold without warranty.)


Motor Type: V-MINI, Indirect Drive - Brushless
Rim size:
26 inch front wheel

Specialties: Feathery + freewheel mechanism

Recessed width 95-100 mm
Max. Voltage: 42 V
Min. Voltage: 20 V
Nom. Power: 225 W
Torque: 20 Nm
Max. Speed: 190 rpm
Max. Speed 25 km / h
hub motor weight: 2.45 kg
hub motor diameter: 80 mm
Yield: + 85%

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Warranty no warranty

Technical features

Voltage 36V
Material Alu

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