• V-HT Motor: Torque monster

    The V-HT hub motor can deliver an extremely high torque (high power). Suitable for all types of bikes but really likes the 3-wheeled cargo bike or bicycles that need more power. This motor is supplied without a rim and spokes and can be used for bikes with rim- or disc brakes.

  • 78Nm of torque

    Strong enough for any vehicle. Even for a 13-person childeren daycare bicycle.

  • Supreme strength for wheel and drive train

    A stable casting for different wheel sizes. Ideal for heavy loads.

  • Maximize power

    Silky smooth motor characteristics. Light aluminum
    materials combined with powerful magnets.


    Nihola Cargobike with electric drive

    Maximize power

    High performance within safe speeds. With 250 watts of
    power and support is limited to a safe 25km/hr.


    Fast Ebike Granny