• V-G Motor: Silent Stylish

    The V-G hubmotor is the all-rounder among the hubmotors but with enough torque. Suitable for medium to heavier bikes. It provides a pleasant and quiet power. This motor can be used for the regular bike or folding bike with rim- or disc brakes.

  • 50Nm of Torque

    Stylish in shape, but stable and reliable in his work!

  • Pure and low internal resistance

    Available in front and rear wheel configuration. Also, up to 10 speed gears cassette freewheel!

  • Maximize comfort

    Silky smooth motor characteristics. Light aluminum
    materials combined with powerful magnets.


    Electric converted Nihola Cargobike

    Maximize power

    High performance within safe speeds. With 250 watts of
    power and support is safely limited to 25km/hr.


    Prototype Fast Ebike