V-TT Motor Wheel (28 ") RB


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V-fiets-V-TT Motor Wheel (28 ") RB-30

The VTT is the hub motor for the all round user. Can carry heavy loads.

Suitable for all types of bikes.

This motor is Spoked a rim delivered and is especially suitable for bicycles with roller brakes.

motor type: V TT, Direct Drive - Brushless
Rim size:

28 inch front wheel

Details: High load
Recessed width 95-100 mm
Max. Voltage: 42 V
Min. Voltage: 20 V
Nom. Power: 225 W (36V)
Link 30 Nm (at 36V)
Max. Speed: 175 rpm (at 36V)
Max. Speed ?? 25 km / h
Weight motor: 6.5 kg
diameter motor: 145 mm
Yield: + 80%

Note on roller brake application:
The motor is supplied without rollerbrake.

Only the type of roller brake with small cooling disc (eg. type Shimano BR-IM41-F fits this motor. The type with enlarged cooling disc, unfortunately, does not fit this motor. You can transfer the roller brake wheel of the old to the new wheel or type Shimano BR-IM41-F additional order from the motor.

contact V questions bicycle.

Additional Information

Technical features

Voltage 36V
Material Alu

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