V-MINI Front Hub Motor Roller Brake 235RPM (on Sale, No warranty)


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FROM €228.00

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Hubmotor: V-motor with MINI rb connection, 235 RPM

A great motor, and Q-MINI motor , 250 watt, 235 RPM. As suggests the motor name is only suitable for a hub with & nbsp; rollerbrake (rb) terminal. The motor is 80 mm wide allowing the roller brake good fit. If you have a bike with rim brake, just take a look at the href="http://www.v-fiets.com/v-mini-hubmotor-235rpm" motor .

The great thing about this motor is that it is totally silent. The motor has no gears and providing a smooth touch optional power assist. The motor is a lightweight, only 2 kg. The motor has a freewheel, which means that if you own more than 25 km per hour cycle, does not stop the support.

hub motoris very suitable for people who have excellent cycling on their own. The motor can provide support to long bike rides or, for example for commuting.

The motor we spoke in a Ryde(Rigida) rim for you. Would you like the motor in your own rim & nbsp; spoked have then that is possible as well.

& nbsp;

(This product will no longer be serviced by V-fiets. This product is therefor on sale and sold without warranty.)

Additional Information


Additional weight on bike 2,2 kg
Width 60 mm
Warranty no warranty

Technical features

Voltage 36V
Torque range 20 - 25Nm
Maximum current 15A
Suitable for more than one person bicycle Yes, but not optimal
Material Alu
Directional rotation Yes
Maximum load Normal
Suitable for torque at low speeds Yes
Replaceable Yes
Voltage range 24 - 36V
Efficiency 80%
Motor type Indirect Drive
Type controller Block and sinus wave
Hall sensor No
Rated motor RPM 235rpm
Rated power 250Watt
Number of magnets 4

Physical properties

Cable length 40cm
Axle length 190mm
Type of cable (wires) 3
Axle diameter 12mm / 10mm
Mounting width motor 100mm
Color Transparant
Suitable for brake type Roller brake (Shimano)
Number of spoke holes 36
Suitable for wheel sizes 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"
Suitable for Rollerbrake Yes

Suitable for

Motor configured for Front wheel


Configuration for Bicycle, Bike courier, Child bike, Folding bike, Granny bike, Hybrid bike, Mommy bike, Mountain bike, Race bike, Recumbent bike, Sports bike

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