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If you already have own a V-MINI set with V-MINI  LED or LCD diplay, you can install it with a V-Core.

By using this fast microprocessor all sensors of your support  are processing at a much higher speed processes causing the bike to feel very natural ( "Ultra Feel"). Some benefits are listed below:

Specifications V-Core version 4.0:

The V-Core is a by V-bike developed microcontroller and software tool that control the V-bike pedal assistance systems entirely through a computer / laptop by your dealer or itself (if desired) allows programming and / or have read for maintenance, use or diagnosis of the system.

  V-core in combination with a V-MINI, MINI PRO V or V-HT system:

  1. The hub motor or mid-motor responds very directly to speed up or slow down the pedals.
  2. Pedal speed dependent system in which the system startup and several mild support should be elected in self gears or support positions.
  3. The hub motor or mid-motor has a very high response in stopping pedalling, creating extra brake cut-offs can be omitted.
  4. Max. speed can be adjusted or reduced, and the 6-position can be programmed individually. 
  5. The sensitivity of the pedal sensor system can be set in any position.
  6. The strength of the Start 'n Go can be set.
  7. The use of the system can be read out during maintenance of the bike. Issues such as battery condition, pedal speed and use of the 6 positions, switching on / off system, use in hours of system and times of the cycle start while cycling.
  8. The bike can (wheels must turn freely) are activated by a remote computer where the pedal sensor and the motor can be tuned for speed and sensitivity.
  9. The pedal system is very accurate and gives a natural feel to the bike.
  10. There are several standard profiles can be programmed, such as sporty, powerful, fuel-efficient driving, mild etc.
  11. Easy to use support with a + and - buttons with the thumb on the screen
  12. The range can be increased even more (40%) at a proper adjustment of the V-Core. Allows more than 150 km can be driven on a battery (36V10Ah battery).
The V-Core system is so secure that when accidentally, while riding, the display is pulled or when a broken wire in or create the display that the support is switched off immediately and possibly dangerous situations can be avoided.

NOTE: V-Core delivery is required excl. V-MINI LED Display (* version 3, from model year 2010) but incl. cables controller / display.

* V-MINI display does not work in version 1 (2009 model year) with the V-Core (recognizable by white small numbers behind the display. version 3 (from model year 2010) is completely black on the back and is working with the V-Core.


  Maximum load:   20A  
  Size:   4.5   x 2 x 0.5 cm
  Voltage:   30 - 42V

Additional Information

Technical features

Logging function Yes
Suitable for rotation sensor Yes
Suitable for pedal assistance display Yes
Suitable for throttle No
Suitable for Torque sensor No
Programmable Yes
Version 4.2

Physical properties

Color Grey
Mounting location Controller housing
Vorm Rechthoekig
Material Plastic
Length (cm) 5cm
Height (cm) 0,5cm


Connections 4-pins JST female, 4-pins JST male

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