Terms and conditions


Article 1: General

1.1 These terms are applicable to all activities, offers and purchase agreement between V-bike and clients or their legal successors. The General Conditions have been filed at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, file number 34286062.
1.2 Customer means any natural person and / or legal entity that has entered into a purchase agreement with V-bike, its representative(s), agent(s), assignee(s) and / or heir(s).
1.3 Third parties means a powered by V-bike or client (legal) person.

Article 2: Dutch law

2.1 Our terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.
2.2 If you enter into a contract with us, which means at the same time you accept our terms and conditions. Any changes made herein to written basis.
2.3 V-powered is a product name of V-bicycle, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.

Article 3: Agreements

3.1 We reserve the right to change prices and texts. Therefore called our offers and texts are non-binding.
3.2 Although it will not occur in practice, V-bike reserves the right to refuse an order placed. An agreement is only the case if we have accepted the order (ie confirmed).

Article 4: Product

4.1 The ordered parts are delivered ready for installation by V-bike *.
         * The parts must be assembled by yourself, assembly instructions are included.
4.2 Therefore V-bike in no way responsible for any adverse effects of products of V-bike or adverse effects from incorrect installation of the product V-bike.

Article 5: Prices and payments

5.1 All our prices include VAT.
5.2 Payment can be made in advance. Prepay can through bank / giro or via the V-bike payment via payment provider Sisow.

Article 6: Delivery

6.1 Delivery will take place during working through a delivery service appointed by V-bike.
6.2 Applicable delivery:
         Shipping cost per part depends on the component and pre-arranged with you. For a shipment charges € 12.50 including VAT per local order and for the Dutch islands is true we are unfortunately forced to charge a surcharge of € 15.00 including VAT for the parts. requests for international deliveries please contact us.
6.3 Delivery will take place on the following address (delivery times are indicated by V-bike):
         Veemarkt 49
         1019 DA Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Article 7: Retention of title

7.1 The right to property is only then, when all owe under any agreement to V-bike has complied. The risk of the products shall be transferred at the time of delivery.

Article 8: Guarantee and complaints

8.1 The V-bike conversion kit is assembled with quality components. Any warranty is only valid under normal use and prescribed maintenance of the parts. The guarantee applies only to the first owner of the conversion kit. Parts are repaired or replaced with proven construction and / or material errors identified by the manufacturer or by V-bike. When the same parts are no longer available to be replaced by equivalent material.
8.2 Conditions to guarantee treatment
         • The applicant must present the original purchase receipt.
         • The defective part must be brought in V-bike.
         • Working hours and transportation costs are borne by the owner of the bicycle.
8.3 Excluded are breakages or damage to the frame, fork, or to all mechanical and electrical components or the battery which are not caused by manufacturing defects. Defects caused by subsequent, own adjustments to the conversion kit or battery, or repairs not carried out by the manufacturer or by V-bike. Damage or discoloration (color) paints or lettering, wear, oxidation or corrosion.
8.4 The standard warranty is 1 year delivered on all electrical parts to the end of 2014.
8.5 At the end of 2014 there have been several changes made to the products and configurations of V-bike. Per 1-1-2015 V-bike can therefore provide two year warranty on all parts purchased from 1-1-2015, unless otherwise agreed.
8.6 V-bike its products also provides bicycle manufacturers. For this, the warranty of the brand itself and not apply the standard rules of V-bike.

Article 9: Liability

9.1 V-bike will work the agreed services to the best of its knowledge and ability to perform in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship, e.e.a. according to which in the context of the in V-bike dedicated task can be expected. V-bike is responsible for a good and proper delivery of the conversion kit and possibly o.v.v the client for mounting the conversion kit on the bike.
9.2 The obligation in paragraph 1 is in the nature of an obligation, because V-bike in its activities depends on the cooperation, services and deliveries of third parties, where V-bike no influence on. V-bike therefore accepts no liability for any damage arising from the relationship with V-bike or the breaking of whether the damage is caused or becomes visible during the relationship with V-bike.
9.3 V-bike is only liable for damage that is the direct result is attributable to a to V-bike failure in the performance of the sale facilitation agreement, if and insofar as the damage in normal professional knowledge and experience and having regard to normal alertness and method of profession would be avoided. Any other form of liability for any other form of damage.
9.4 Condition for the existence of any right to compensation is that the user after the damage as soon as possible the occurrence thereof or herself at V-bike.
9.5 The client is responsible for the correctness and completeness of the in V-bike information made available. V-bike does not accept any liability for damage caused by insufficiency or inadequacy of the information provided by or on behalf of users.
9.6 The client indemnifies V-bike for all claims which third parties might make in respect of damages in any way arising from the unlawful or careless use of the products delivered to the client and services of V-bike.
9.7 V-bike is not responsible or liable for the content of promotion and / or advertising materials provided by the client.

Article 10: Payment Terms

10.1 The payment obligations of the client starts on the day the contract is concluded. The payment covers the period beginning on the day of the actual provision of products and services of V-bike.
10.2 Payment must be made within 14 days after the invoice date. The moment of payment is the moment that the amount received by the V-bike.
10.3 The product is delivered to the client if the money is credited to the account of V-bike.

Article 11: Law remote buying

11.1 Naturally V-bike endorses distance selling law. In the framework of the law "buy remotely" you have the right to a "cooling off" period of seven days. The starting point is the date of delivery after delivery of your parts. Within this period you can return the parts without giving a reason. The shipping costs are for your account. When the returned parts complete, in original and undamaged packaging, and is unused, we deposit the paid purchase price as soon as possible to your account. Add a quick settlement therefore always a copy of the purchase invoice.

Article 12: Exclusions

12.1 In case of force majeure (non-attributable opportunity to fulfill an obligation) retains V-bike the right to act conscientiously.