Industrial glue gun for glue sticks


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V-fiets-Industrial glue gun for glue sticks-31

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Lightweight industrial hot melt glue gun. Built to a very high standard, this is the ideal applicator where small quantities of molten adhesive are required repetitively in product assembly, packaging and general use. The full hand trigger and narrow handle profile are ergonomically designed to accommodate any hand size


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  • Detachable base stand and silicon rubber nozzle shroud for extra safety
    Interchangeable nozzles
    Fast warm up time of 6 minutes
    Double insulated lead
    High molten glue output, up to 750 g/hr
    Suitable for use from 100 to 250V a.c. supply
    Maximum power consumption 45W
    Power ?on? warning light
    Comfortable easy to use full hand trigger
  • Temporary bonding on PCBs
    Speaker cone/grill fixing
    Coil termination and trunking installation


Waarschuwing:  Hot melt adhesive may reach temperatures in excess of 200?C

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