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Each pedal assistance Possible Combination

Almost all potential options and drives we have in this product. All motors, full options of batteries and all parts that can provide any bicycle with a pedal support.

The following explanations show you how to click the set in the right way together.

General issues:

  1. Right of every product you see an "i". If you click on this you will see a picture of the product. Clicking on the picture will open this product, the product page.
  2. Each conversion kit consists of a motor, battery, charger, motor controller, stair sensor rotor, display, motor cable and sommeige case a separate battery cable.
  3. You can make a choice for each component. This choice is sometimes required because it is essential for a conversion.
  4. You can buy a ready-made kit where the engine is laced by V-bike. Or you can order a single motor which you inspaakt yourself, or let lacing.

Specific issues:

You can choose an engine in the front, rear or mid-engined. Brake type and speed of the engine *.

  • V-MINI motors:                     Suitable for light applications   (190rpm, 235rpm)
  • V-MINI PRO motors:           Suitable for light and heavy duty applications; (190rpm, 235rpm, 300rpm)
  • Q-HT motors:                       Suitable for heavy to very heavy applications   (V HT 210rpm, 300rpm V HS)
  • Q-SP mid engine:                Suitable for all applications provided that the type of frame allows.

  (all motors deliver maximum power rating of 250watt and reach a maximum speed of 25km / h.)

  1. Motor in the front wheel. Our front wheel motors start from small to large, the MINI, MINI PRO V G and V-HT motors. The MINI and the PRO motors also come in a roller brake performance. The PRO and the V-G and the V-HT motors can also be performed with a disc brake. All motors are suitable for rim brakes (except for the roller brake motors).
  2. Motor in the rear. The V-MINI PRO and the V-HT motors can also be supplied in a rear configuration. All motors are suitable for rim brake and disc brake. The PRO also comes in a Rollerbrake execution.
  3. Motor in the middle / crank. The V-SP engine is provided that the frame meets certain requirements, mounted in place of the bottom bracket. The engine has a single tooth blade which is provided with a freewheel. The V-SP motor is equipped with a rotation sensor. The mid-engine is compatible with all of our V-bicycle products provided a separate V-SP stair sensor and V-SP interface bus is used.


You can choose the V-bike in your own wheel motor inspaakt for you or another rim that resembles your own rim. Additionally, you can also choose that we deliver a single motor which you (late) lacing.


You can indicate whether we should provide appropriate spokes for your engine. The spokes are rolled customized speicaal for you. You can choose from the following high quality spokes:

  1. Sapim Leader SS (stainless steel color) spokes G13 (thickness 2,33mm, suitable for V-MINI and PRO motors)
  2. Alpina Stainless   (Black) spokes G13 (thickness 2,33mm, suitable for V-MINI and PRO motors)
  3. Alpina SS (stainless steel color) spokes G13 with an extra thick G12 head for extra strength (specially designed for the V-HT motors)

Inspiron Aachen:

V-bike can be any engine before lacing into a wheel. Our professionals are experienced wielspakers.


Choose a battery is very personal. We provide three types of 36V Li-ION high quality cells from Panasonic or Samsung:

  1. Battery in bag (317Wh)
  2. Battery in a bottle form (375, 418, 468 and 522Wh *)
  3. Battery in a rack form (335, 418 and 522Wh *)         * Available from mid 2015

Battery Charger:

For all our batteries, we have a matching charger. The big difference in our chargers is in the type of charging plug.

  1. Battery Charger (K + T). Suitable for bottle 375Wh and 317Wh battery case. Equipped with an XLR charging plug.
  2. Battery Charger (K2013). Suitable for bottle 468Wh.
  3. Battery Charger (D2012). Fit the wearer batteries 335 and 418Wh.

Motor Controller:

All V-bike motors can be controlled with the same motor controllers. We provide three types in the ordinary execution. And one type in a quiet drive.

  1. Drive controller 12A (suitable for all normal applications and tricycles)
  2. Torque Drive controller 15A (suitable for heavier applications of tandems and heavy tricycles)
  3. High Torque Drive controller 20A (suitable for the heaviest cargo bikes with V-Core software control for optimum cooling of the motor controller)
  4. Silent Drive controller 12A (suitable for all motors. Delivers 80% capacity of the standard drive controller 12A but delivers whisper-quiet drive.

The torque and the high torque motor controllers ensure that the engine delivers more torque but not a higher speed. Due to the higher consumption of the motor will decrease the motor of the radius of action, unless it is controlled by the V-Core hardware and software of V-bicycle.

Steering wheel control:

You can choose to submit ministries of two different types.

  1. The simple but effective 6 digit LED display
  2. The luxury LCD display with 6 positions cycle computer functions.

When the LED display, you must order it separately at the display cable.

Both of these displays can be provided with the V-Core. This V-Core ensures that your bike delivers a more natural control. Optionally to program these V-Core with additional software and a USB cable.

Pedal Sensor:

By default, placed a ladder sensor on all bikes. This allows for the activation of the motor while pedaling. The length of the cable depends on the type of bike you are using. * 95% of all bicycles use the ladder sensor with 115cm cable.

* The use of the V-SP Middle Engine, you must order the V SP stair sensor and the V-SP interface bus instead of the usual stair sensor.


Each bike is equipped with a rotor with eight magnets. The V-Core works best with an 8 magnet rotor. If you want to add later that the Green Core your rotor is already suitable for this upgrade.

Motor cable:

  • The current V-MINI and MINI PRO V-motors with the power cable (Dopstekker) implementation.
  • The V-PRO MINI rear-engine, all V-HT motors and the V-SP mid-engine use the normal motor cable without a special plug cap.

Battery Adapter Cable:

If you choose the battery in a luggage carrier does not require a battery adapter cable. In all other cases you will need an adapter cable. This is because the battery is not located directly in the housing of the motor controller.

Extension Cables:

These cables you'll need when you want to convert a tandem or recumbent.

  • Tandem:   1x 4-pin to extend the display cable.

Usually, you do not need extension cords in all other cases, provided you choose the right ladder length sensor cable.


  • If selected for a battery in a vehicle, you can choose here the standard type of carrier or Hebie carrier.
  • If you have chosen a battery in a bag, you can use an Foldit carrier or Tourit choose combination SnapIt adapter to lock the battery bag on a luggage carrier.

Battery / Controller housing:

If you have selected:

  1. A battery in the vehicle with standard carrier you choose the enclosure LANG.
  2. A battery in the carrier with Hebie carrier you choose the enclosure and controller box SHORT SHORT.
  3. Another type of battery you choose what suits you best.
    1. The shape of a bag controller (most common),
    2. The shape of the controller tray (Rectangle) 2wielbakfiets, recumbent, duofiets.
    3. The shape of the controller tray (Wedge) 3wielbakfiets.

Brake system:

These are options that offers V-bike that are often not required when converting a bicycle. This is different to a 3wiel cargo bike with the back of the tricycle suit orwordt with other gears and remaanpassingen.

Brake Breakers:

V-bike provides various brake breakers. However, in 95% of cases they are not using a conversion kit. Standard delivers V-bicycle products that do not need additional circuit breakers. There are also additional cables needed to make the system any easier.

However, there is & eacute; & eacute; n exception to be at least & eacute; n to interrupter; & eacute:

  • There is a driver who needs extra security for example by age or inexperience in combination with a relatively larger vehicle than is usual.

Lighting / Converter:

When fitted with a bike is going to be a motor in the front wheel. And the bike has a hub dynamo that supplies the headlight and possibly the rear of power. In that case, it is often useful to choose a transducer or any other type of light. Often they are the bicycles from the upper segment. Another type of light can also consist of selecting a light with batteries. The latter is common in the cycle from the middle and low segments.

Carrier Accessories:

Here you can select additional components if you want to provide a different model of a bike rack.


When you have chosen a rear engine then also be provided with a gear.

  1. If you already have derailleur gears on your bike, you can here select the appropriate gear.  
  2. If you are switching from hub gears in the rear, you can also choose for a derailleur lever with associated control lever. Take care that you also need a longer necklace if you switch from hub gear to gear derailleur.   The derailleur adjusters can accommodate seven gears.


These options are selected by default. You will after ordering receive a link where you can read the manuals in PDF on your computer.









Additional Information


Warranty 2 years, carry- in warranty

Technical features

Estimated range Range of 15-130 km depending on battery and application
Maximum supported speed 25 km/hr
Motor Torque 25Nm, 30Nm, 40Nm, 45Nm, 50Nm, 55Nm, 60Nm, 70Nm, 80Nm
Motor type Brushless, Direct Drive, Indirect Drive, Inrunner, Outrunner, Sensor less
Rated power 250Watt
Voltage 36V

Physical properties

Additional weight on bike Afh. van gekozen componenten
Suitable for brake type Cantilever brake, Coaster brake, Disc brake (Shimano), Drum brake, Roller brake (Shimano)
Suitable for wheel sizes 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", +28", 28"


Configuration for 2-wheeled cargo bike, 3-wheeled cargo bike, 3-wheeler, Bicycle, Bicycles and light vehicles, Bike courier, BSO bike, Cargobike, Child bike, Child transport, Daycare bike, Folding bike, Granny bike, Hand bike, Hybrid bike, Leisure transport, Mommy bike, Mountain bike, Race bike, Recumbent bike, Special Aid bike, Speed pedelec, Sports bike, Tandem bike

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