V-bike Ebike truck

Green Machine

The giant green vehicle, the ultimate bicycle where 18 children legs can enjoy cycling. Head on in the wind or wind in your back, the special electric drive ensures that every vehicle comes from A to B without a sweat or worry. Since the start of V-bike in 2007, we see many different types of bicycles. It's not just that there are different types of bikes but also many different drivers. Drivers who purely see the motor as an extra electrical support, or as an option that you can click if you just want something different. But also drivers who are fully dependable of their electric drive. With this wide spectrum of bikes and drivers we deliver almost infinite solutions.

Testing Battery power

An important factor of your e-bike range depends on the battery power. This is what we test!


E-bike Battery Tester (PRO Version)

Tuning your Battery power

Maintenance and repair of advanced
Lithium-ion batteries in the summer- or winter months.


Ebike Battery Cell Balancing