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E-bike tuning software (multi-language)

This is the e-bike users tuning software for programming the V-Core in combination with a V-bike E-bike motor drive controller . The software can be downloaded after payment via a download link. (Excl. USB cable ).


This multi-language version of the software can be set in four languages (Dutch (NL), English (UK), French (FR) and German (DE).


The following settings can be programmed via the E-bike tuning software and be read:

  1. Sensitivity / progressivity of the stairs to the sensor system per level.
  2. Levels of the display (level 1/6)
  3. Active increase or decrease of the Start 'n Go (by means of the activation of the motor via the PC).
  4. Set Start Boost.
  5. Reduce the maximum speed (maximum speed can not be increased * by end user)
  6. Display of the battery voltage.

* The E-bike PRO 4.0 tuning software can in addition to the programming of the levels is also the use history read out of the system, and can increase the possible maximum speed of certain motors (limited), and / or decrease, if desired.

Additional Information


Publisher V-bike
Carrier Download link
Application V-Core programming
Language NL

System requirements

Hard drive space needed 500MB
Videokaart 512MB
Processor Single Core 2,4Ghz
Werkgeheugen 1GB
Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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